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 Sujet du message: How Do I Get the Cerberus Mount in Final Fantasy 14?
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In Final Fantasy XIV, Cerberus Mount is not easy to get, yet you desperately require it. Therefore, we have actually compiled this guide to help you obtain a Cerberus mount for yourself in Final Fantasy 14.

What is a Cerberus mount in Final Fantasy XIV?

It is a unique and non-transferable product that can not be offered or patronized by other players and belongs to the Delubrum raid launched with patch 5.45.

How to get the Cerberus mount in Final Fantasy XIV?

There are several actions as well as pre-requisites involved with obtaining the Cerberus Mount in Final Fantasy 14. Right here's whatever you require to understand:

1. Ask a Close Friend to Welcome You to Trip with Him

Cerberus is likewise a multi-seater mount and can fit you and 2 other passengers on its three heads. If you have a pal that can obtain the mount, they can invite you to ride with them. That's the only way to ride Cerberus without, in fact, getting the mount on your own.

2. Earn Cerberus Mount Yourself

If you wish to obtain Cerberus Mount on your own in the video game, you need to put the operation in to open it. Continue as follows:

1). Unlock Bozja

For starters, gamers will certainly need to unlock as well as get to Bozjan by completing "The Bozjan Incident," "Fire in the Forge," and the "Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty" primary pursuit.

With those quests done, gamers can go to the Ganges by speaking to an NPC at the docks of the Doman Territory. From talking with Sjeros, gamers can most likely be to the Bozjan Southern Front, and the trip to obtain the mount absolutely starts.

2). Complete The Castrum Lacus Litore Raid

The Castrum Lacus Litore Raid requires gamers to get to Mettle rank 10 before they can access it.

What a great deal of players is attempting to navigate right now is completing the raid with enough individuals. The raid is for 48 players, but there has actually been decreasing participation since gamers have no intention to finish the raid greater than as soon as. Gamers have actually been struggling because of not having sufficient people. Some have stated defeating the raid with just 24 people, but not conveniently.

Up Until Square Enix does something concerning this concern, it is advised that players attempt to create pre-made groups and also celebrations before jumping in. This raid entryway will pop up in Bozjan as soon as every hour and is started like any other critical engagement.

3). Unlock And Also Complete Delubrum Reginae

Thankfully, this raid does not need as numerous players as Castrum Lacus Litore, having its cap at 24 gamers and will be much easier to finish.

As long as players are ranked 10 or higher, the raid should open as they complete the Bozja story via quests. There is no storage space for players running this dungeon-like Castrum, so getting it needs to be simple. If you find the auto mechanics below challenges, understand that the Cerberus mount decrease in the Savage variation of this extremely raid. To put it simply, this raid is a taste of just how challenging Savage will certainly be.

As soon as this raid is finished, finish the rest of the storyline quests. There is one more thing to do to open Delubrum Reginae (Savage) despite having the missions done.

4). Reach Resistance Rank 15

This will take the longest quantity of time if players aren't anywhere near Resistance Rank 15. Players will have to grind and gain Mettle to increase their Resistance Rank.

Mettle can be acquired by completing Critical Engmanents as well as Altercations in Final Fantasy XIV. That means you need to grind out Bozjan field events, and you get plenty of rewards for doing so. At least, you will earn Area Notes and also various other turn-ins for incentives while grinding.

Here's the Mettle thresholds you need to grind out:

Rank 1: 0 Mettle
Rank 2: 300 Mettle
Rank 3: 1,100 Mettle
Rank 4: 2,200 Mettle
Rank 5: 3,800 Mettle
Rank 6: 9,400 Mettle
Rank 7: 18,000 Mettle
Rank 8: 32,000 Mettle
Rank 9: 51,300 Mettle
Rank 10: 78,000 Mettle
Rank 11: 106,000 Mettle
Rank 12: 157,400 Mettle
Rank 13: 252,000 Mettle
Rank 14: 416,000 Mettle
Rank 15: 703,200 Mettle

The repeatable pursuit One Male's Relic from Annes in Gangos will approve 12,000 Mettle every week when you total Delubrum Reginae on any trouble. This benefits training on just how to obtain the fundamentals of the raid down.

Remember that you shed mettle from every death, so play as a course you are best at (unless you are also grinding for degrees). Nevertheless, you can not lose rank despite exactly how my times you pass away.

Do not simply concentrate on Critical Engagements, as gamers that full Altercations can prioritize Critical Engagements if there are more players than spaces. Make sure to consume food and be well-rested to obtain aficionados that can make the grind faster and a lot more fulfilling in regards to the experience obtained.

There are likewise special Critical Engagements called Duels. If a player does well in defeating one, every person in Bozja gets a mettle increase. As great as that does sound, it is limited for a player to endure a Battle. To be chosen for a Battle, gamers have to complete a Critical Engagement without passing away or getting hit by any avoidable attack.

Conversely, completing story missions in Bozjan will certainly additionally reward players with Mettle. To reach rank 15, gamers will certainly need a total amount of 700,000 mettle. When that is acquired, though, and the normal Delubrum Reginae is full, Delubrum Reginae (Savage) is opened, as well as the actual hunt for that Cerberus mount begins.

5). Complete Delubrum Reginae (Savage)

Delubrum Reginae (Savage) requires 48 players as opposed to 24. While players only require to beat this Savage raid when it is fairly challenging. It takes a lot of synchronization between all the players. The more you can connect as well as practice this raid with a group, the better. So be sure to utilize Event Finder to locate a team you can communicate and collaborate with. Absolutely do not anticipate beating this dungeon in your initial or perhaps 5th shot.

The most frightening part of this raid is obtaining kicked from the raid if you die and are not revitalized rapidly enough. By kicked, this actually means you are not going back to the beginning. You will certainly return outside the raid as well as have to attempt again from square one.

On the positive side, you need to defeat this raid when to get the mount. It is not a drop, so there are no competitors between you and the 47 other players. As soon as the raid is defeated, everyone will get the accomplishment "Savage Queen of Swords I."

With that said achievement, gamers need to go to Old Girdania and talk to the NPC, Jonathas, at X: 10, Y:6. This NPC provides benefits for specific achievements (like if you get all your fight courses to 80, he is the one that offers you the Amaro mount).

The "Savage Queen of Sword I" is a battle accomplishment. In Jonathas' fight achievement tab, choose Cerberus Horn. Utilize it, and after that, Cerberus will certainly be in your choice of places! In Jonathas' fight achievement tab, choose Cerberus Horn.

You can currently get a massive multi-seater Cerberus mount for your riding enjoyment. Try it currently! Also, please go here for more FFXIV overviews, ideas, and to buy Gil FFXIV.

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